October 31, 2006

A Web Classic: Democrats As Monsters
— Ace

KorlaPundit did this two years ago, and it's still pretty darn funny.

Thanks to KevinM for reminding me, just as the Witching Hour of Halloween approaches and I haven't yet been able to come up with any spooky postings.

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More On Allen Staffers Tossing Kos Kid Around
— Ace

A Kos Kid, a self-styled practiioner of "guerilla tactics," an admited political stalker, someone who wrote he wanted to give Allen the "Roger & Me" treatment.

He attempted to push past security to get within reach of Allen.

That's a no-no. Make sure you click on Jon Henke's updates at AllenHQ to get a sense of this solid citizen.

The left is outraged.

Remember when they used to praise throwing a heckler to the ground as a sign of being tough, strong?

iberal author and soon-to-be radio talk show host Al Franken physically manhandled a heckler during a speech by Democrat presidential candidate Howard Dean on Monday.

The New York Post reports that Franken, who recently signed a one-year deal with Progressive Media to host a live, three-hour liberal radio show to apparently challenge Rush Limbaugh, broke his glasses in the confrontation, but was not hurt after charging at a male supporter of Democrat presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche when he began yelling at Dean.

Franken, who said he was "deputized" by the Dean campaign to handle the heckler, said he did what he had to do to subdue the person trying to distract Dean from his message.

"I got down low and took his legs out," Franken stated, explaining he needed to fix his broken glasses with electrical tape after the fall.

Franken picked up the unidentified LaRouche supporter and body slammed him to the ground.

"I was a wrestler so I used a wrestling move," Franken exclaimed.

The police were called to the scene, but Franken was not immediately arrested for battery. The victim has not said whether he will pursue criminal charges against Franken.

Although he says he is not supporting Dean for president, Franken explained his physical action against the heckler was necessary to protect free speech.

"I'm neutral in this race but I'm for freedom of speech, which means people should be able to assemble and speak without being shouted down," Franken argued, neglecting the fact that he squelched the free speech rights of the heckler with his actions.

Afterwards, Franken said he would probably do it again if someone tried to vocally protest while a Democrat presidential candidate was speaking.

"I would have done it if he was a Dean supporter at a Kerry rally," he explained.

Note that was simply a case of rude heckling -- shouting down -- and not a physically aggressive pushing past bodymen to get within reach of a candidate.

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"A Coordinated Chorus" of Republican Democratic Politicians
— Ace

Quoteth a Democratic Congressman:

"I guess Kerry wasn't content blowing 2004, now he wants to blow 2006, too."

James Webb, meanwhile, says he wants to blow the Vietnamese kid with all the gadgets from The Goonies.

Upside down, of course.

Update: James Webb says that if the Vietnamese kid isn't available, he'll settle for Chunk.

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Chrissy Matthews: What Kerry Said Is True, Only Dropouts And Morons Join The Military
— Ace

According to Ace of Spades digital brownshirt WickedPinto.

Retracted? See below.

I've alerted Allah to look for it. Hopefully he'll repeat the comments on Hardball.

I knew someone, like Bill Maher, would say "Hey, it's true" (right before denying that John Kerry intended to speak the truth).

I should have figured Chris Matthews too. He's been on this Army of Losers thing for a while.

Smart, college-educated chappies like him dodged the draft by joining the Peace Corps.

I just find it pretty ballsy that liberals are going to try the two-track strategy of 1) Kerry would never have said something so heinously awful and 2) what John Kerry said was 100% spot-on accurate.

Matthews Is Claiming... that what Kerry said isn't what he said. He's claiming, flat-out, that Kerry said Bush's lack of education on the Middle East got us "stuck in Iraq."

He may have meant that this quote -- this non-quote, what wasn't said but which the liberals are claiming was said -- is true.

Not sure. Having not seen the earlier remarks, I don't know.

Uses Jennifer Loven's Dowdified quotation of Kerry, seguing the attacks on Bush directly into the remarks about a lack of education prompting military service.

Seems to be hosting a debate between two people wo agree Kerry did not mean what he said, and in fact probably never even said it.

Some debate.

The assertion, without any evidence, is that this was an attack on Bush. It is not even mentioned that Kerry actually slighted the military-- a viewer who only gets his news from Chris Matthews (God forbid) would wonder what the fuss is about.

He played very bad audio of Kerry's actual remarks where you could barely hear what he said -- ergo, for anyone watching Hardball, Kerry not only intended to make an attack only on Bush, but actually did only make an attack on Bush.

Not a voice of dissent at Hard Softball.

In a surprise move, Chris Matthews has finally relocated out of John McCain's asshole over this, now wondering what psychological demons could have caused McCain to accuse John Kerry of saying precisely what he said.

His "attack" was "very deliberate." One of his "debaters" says this is pure political opportunism, courting the conservative base.

It's amazing that Chris Matthews looked far and wide and could not find a guest to say a bad word about John F'n' Kerry.

Having found unanimity between his liberal "debaters" (Johnathan Alter and some flake from MSNBC) that Kerry didn't say what he said, they've now moved on. The topic doesn't need to be discussed further, because John Kerry simply never said what he said, and certainly didn't mean to say what he said, which may make no sense, but that's there story and they're sticking to it.

David Schuster now dutifully offers up a bunch of Democratic political ads, inculuding one against Heather Wilson, apparently finding Wilson's brilliant ad against her opponent unfit for viewing.

So don't bother watching; there you go.

Rectracted? While WickedPinto may be correct in his report that Chris Matthews was saying "that's true, that's true" about Kerry's remarks, the 7:00 version of Hardball demonstrates that Matthews is simply flat-out lying about what Kerry said, claiming that Kerry actually made an attack on Bush's education and anyone who says otherwise is a liar.

Ergo, he's agreeing with a false statement. It doesn't appear that Matthews is even willing to acknowlege what John Kerry actually did say, so we can't take his saying "that's true, that's true" as an endorsement of those words. According to Matthews, they simply weren't said at all.

Some Video... of Matthews' stalward defense of Kerry.

Greg Tinti wisely cut the clip before Matthews picked up Kerry upside down by his ankles and put his penis in his mouth.

(In fairness, it was an act of love and respect, not a sexual act. Jennifer Loven's AP report proves it.)

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John Kerry: Racist
— Ace

See if you can follow this:

Charlie Rangel assures us that almost all of those "stuck in Iraq" are black and Hispanic.

John Kerry informs us that people who don't make themselves smart and get educated will be "stuck in Iraq."

Ergo, taken together:

Blacks and Hispanics are stupid and uneducated.


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Bush Now Addressing Kerry's Joke
— Ace

"There are some things we should be able to agree upon..."

[quotes Kerry's "joke"]

"The Senator's suggestion that the men and women of our military is insulting and it is shameful.

"The members of the United States military are plenty smart, and they are plenty brave, and the Senator from Massachusetts owes them an apology.

"Whatever party you're in, our troops deserve the full support of our government.

"And I don't have any doubt that Matt Collins will stand strong for the men and women who wear the uniform of the United States."

Matt Collins, I gather, is the candidate he's stumping for.

That seems to be the end of the remarks.

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More John Kerry "Misinterpreted Jokes"
— Ace

Knock, knock.

-- Who's there?

Our soldiers are terrorizing women and children.

-- Our soldiers are terrorizing women and children who?

Our soldiers are terrorizing women and children and dragging them out of their homes in the dead of night.

-- I don't get it.

Don't question my patriotism. I served, reluctantly, in Vietnam.

(rimshot) tsssssss


A man walks into a bar wearing a pig on his head.

"Why did you bring that thing in here?" the bartender asks.

The man says, "Because our troops in Vietnam raped, committed murder, chopped the ears off civilians, chopped the heads off civilians, blew up bodies, mutilated bodies, and poisoned catttle and crops."

"No, I was talking to the pig," the bartender says.

The pig smiles and says, "They also ravaged and pillaged in a way reminiscent of Jenjis Khan."



A Jew, a black Baptist, and a Catholic walk together to the Pearly Gates of Heaven.

"How did you die?" the Jew asks the Catholic.

"In Iraq," the Catholic says. "I was too stupid to do anything but serve in our army of morons."

"Same here," says the black Baptist. "I wished I'd stayed in school so I could have done something more worthwhile with my life than serve in the United States Armed Forces."

The Jew thinks about this, then smiles. "It's okay, you died for Israel," he says. "And by the way, we blew up the World Trade Center."

(slide whistle) whooooOOOOOOP!

Question: Apparently now Kerry people have produced a supposed printed version of the "joke" as it was supposed to be delivered. That means nothing. If Democratic operatives can fake up "1972 Texas Air National Guard" documents, it's pretty easy to open up Microsoft Word and produce a "joke" as it was "intended to be delivered." After the fact.

So here's the question:

Politicians repeat themselves all the time. Is there any example of John Kerry delivering this "joke" as it was "intended to be delivered" in the past?

Veterans Express Disbelief: How dare they question him, these stuffed suits who never wore the uniform of the country.

Oh wait, they did wear the uniform of the country?

Well, then, they're stupid and uneducated. So who cares about their opinion?

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Allen Staffers Wrestle Heckler To Ground
— Ace

Apparently he was asking why, allegedly, George Allen spat on his wife.

As a general rule, you don't rush up to a political candidate, unless you want to get bitchslapped.

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October Surprise: Democrats Open Their Mouths
— Ace

Just never a good idea, really. The true party platform is supposed to remain hidden from the voters.

Obviously, the more times you talk, the more times you risk, despite your best efforts to obfuscate, accidentally but accurately expressing your true beliefs.

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Video: Kerry Aplogizes "To No One"
— Ace

To Hell with him.

He continues claiming that somehow he was making the joke that if kids don't study hard, they're doomed to grow up to become President of the United States.

He's definitely taking a page from the netroots with his tough, strong (crazy) talk.

Update: In case anyone's keeping track of educational credentials, both Kerry and Bush attended Ivy League Yale, and Bush edged Kerry on grades.

Update: Michelle Malkin catches moonbat AP reporter Jennifer Loven, wife of Democratic operative, spinning to make Kerry's "I was trying to scare kids into studying lest they become President" claim by Dowdifying his remarks to make a reference to Bush immediately poceed his denigration of his fellow soldiers not-quite-our-class-dear social inferiors.

Remember When I Said Kerry's Ludicrous Denial Would Keep The Story Alive? I was wrong.

I forgot the MSM had a terrific option when it comes to stories that can't be spun to the Democrats' advantage -- embargo them entirely.

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NO QB Drew BreesThreatens Suit Against Mom For Being A Democrat...
— Ace

...and using his picture as publicity, without permission, in her run for a local seat.

Hardball, baby.

Now, you may be thinking, what sort of a son does this?

Well, it seems there's some bad behavior by one party or the other, because they're not really quite family anymore.

The NFL quarterback and Westlake High School graduate has told Mina Brees, an Austin attorney, to stop using his picture in TV commercials as she runs for a spot on Texas' 3rd Court of Appeals, saying their relationship is now "nonexistent" after souring six years ago.

"I think the major point here is that my mother is using me in a campaign, and I've made it known many times I don't want to be involved," he said Monday.

It's hard to say who's at fault when families fall apart.

But the fact that his mom continued using his image, against his wishes, is suggestive.

Thansk to RayF.

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Election News: Better Than We Could Have Hoped
— Ace

Not good, mind you. Just not awful. Hope is still alive, which is critical.

Dems lead comfortably (or so the polls say) in 210 House elections, with eighteen more polled as true toss-ups. That means they'll have to take all of the races they lead in (they'll maybe lose one or two of those) and then the lion's share of the toss-ups just to squeak a majority in the House.

Can they do it? Yes, they can. Is it a certainty? No, not hardly. No better than 60-40 at this point.

40% isn't exactly a longshot.

Republicans claim their GOTV efforts are on pace with 2004, if early voting is any indication. Which it may not be -- Allah suggests it's possible that the "diehards" are responsible for most of the early voting, and that those less determined to retain GOP control will be far less likely to vote on Election Day.

It's a plausible scenario. But it's also plausible that rumors of the death of GOP motivation have been greatly exagerated.

Meanwhile, Julia Corker's dad is up by eight over Ford in one poll.

The delectable, deliciously saucy Ms. Corker promises "Elect my Dad, and I promise I'll 'accidentally' let my sex video with Lauren Bush get put onto the Internet."

Fair news from New Jersey, Viriginia, and Missouri -- polls show them as tossups, which means the Republican has a better-than-even chance of winning, I think.

Dems Have A Massive Get-Out-The-Poll-Respondants Drive Going... and yet it's not poll respondants which determine elections. It's actual voters.

Has Tennessee -- a border state, though Southern and heartland in leanings -- really gone from an eight point GOP lead in voter identification to a one-point deficit?

In just two years?

I suppose it's possible-- after all, Republicans now trail Democrats in terms of public confidence on every single issue except terrorism, and even there, it's a tie.

On the other hand, those reports come from polls which also have Democrats leading in party identification by five to twelve points.

There's a hard number that would suggest this massive change in party ID is real, isn't there?

Changes in official party registration, right? Not "polling." Just actual counting of how people are now signed up, politically.

True enough, people often don't bother to change their actual official party ID as often as their real party leaning changes. And yet, one would think that if there were such a massive change in party ID, that would at least be partly reflected in the hard nunbers.

And if that's the case -- the media sure is being pretty quiet about it, aren't they?

Correction: I'm informed that no one really calls Tennessee a "border state," as it was part of the Condfederacy.

Which just makes my point stronger. Have eight percent of all Tennesseans given up their cross-burnin', fag-bashin', Jew-hatin' ways?

I doubt it. So many of them are stupid and uneducated that they actually join the military.

They're simply not smart enough to now be plurality-Democratic.

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Andrew Sullivan's Book Receives Rave Reviews, Pouring In Daily
— Ace

One little catch: the reviews are by Andrew Sullivan himself.

Pretty hysterical.

I was scanning over his screechblog the other day, and I did notice an inordinate number of superlatives lavished upon his book, by no less a literary light than Andrew Sullivan himself.

Taranto collected up a bunch of his biggest self-raves.


"This is a book about ideas, not political prescriptions. . . . It's an attempt to start the long road back to conservative intellectual clarity. . . . If you still care about those first principles, and why they are more relevant today than ever, . . . buy the book."--Andrew Sullivan

"If the book can prompt the usually level-headed David Brooks to contradict himself in order to criticize it and has sent Hugh Hewitt into conniptions, it might just be on to something about what has gone wrong with American conservativsm [sic]."--Andrew Sullivan

"They're angry. They wouldn't be if they didn't know this book exposes them in ways few yet have."--Andrew Sullivan

"These people are truly rattled by this book. I believe it's a depth charge into the degerenacy [sic] of the current conservative movement."--Andrew Sullivan
"Why are so many contemporary 'conservatives' lying about the contents of this book? The only reason I can come up with is that they are deadly afraid of its arguments. . . . Which is why you should read the book."--Andrew Sullivan

Give him props, though: At least he's willing to express his excessive self-regard under his own name. No "Wilson" or "Rick Ellensberg" here.

He's too infatuated with himself to see that maybe it's a problem.

Thanks to Larwyn.

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John Kerry's Greatest Hits On Our Troops
— Ace

Just a little refresher.

A bit telling: The audience -- all Democrats, of course -- chuckles approvingly when Kerry brands our troops uneducated morons.

Delicious: Kerry is now lying, of course. Which is just perfect. He cannot admit what he said, he cannot apologize for it. It's too big.

Sort of like Mel Gibson, in a way. Who did in fact apologize, but in a "that wasn't me" sort of way.

That keeps this a live issue. He must deny, deny, deny and claim he's actually defending the honor of the troops from chickenhawks by calling the troops morons.

Well, that's actually not what he's saying. He lies, flagrantly, and claims he was talking about President Bush.

Let's follow his quote-- and see how it fits with this claim.

“You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, uh, you, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.”

Talking about President Bush? So this was actually a warning that if kids didn't get smart and educated, they would end up in the dead-end burger-flipping job of the President of the United States of America, and then, owing to the fact that they're stupid and uneducated (but apparently smart and educated enough to be elected President, something only 40 or so men in our country's history have managed) then get "stuck in Iraq" by unilaterally attacking a sovereign nation without the help of our "historic allies."

So that's what he's claiming he meant -- Kids, stay in school, or else you'll just wind up being elected President, and you'll then get us involved in a diificult war with insurgents.


The old "study hard or you'll end up President" motivational speech. If I heard it once in high school, I heard it a thousand times.

Speaking of Motivation... A motivational poster from RobG.

Don't Question His Patriotism: Not only did John Kerry just, um, Swift-Boat every man in uniform in the American armed forces, he basically urged young people to avoid military service at all costs.

Sort of like he tried to do, until his number was up, and he got himself put into a part of the Navy he thought would not be involved in combat in Vietnam.

And then he phonied up some fingernail-scratch "wounds" to get unearned Purple Hearts and get his rich boy ass back stateside ASAP.

Ladies and Gentleman -- your once and future (?) Democratic candidate for Presdident of the United States -- bravely, smartly, toughly doing his best to undermine miitary recruitment in a time of war.

Bravo, Democrats. Bravo.

Bonus: Self-style "truth tellers" (read: leftist pricks) like Billl Maher and Richard Belzer will feel compelled to say, "The only thing John Kerry did wrong was lie about what he said. It is true that the armed forces are a dead-end career for anyone else but the less-than-brilliant and uneducated, though I do understand thare are some racist Christian Southerners who join up so they can kill brown people without being jailed for murder."

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Scientists Ponder "Sexsomnia," Or Making Sexual Advances While Asleep
— Ace

Is that what they're calling it these days?

Researchers fihd that some people engage in actual sexual activity while asleep. In one case, a Virginia senatorial candidate called only "JimW" reportedly sleepwalked to Cambodia, grabbed a boy from a rice paddy, flipped him upside down and inserted his penis in his mouth. "I just thought I was dreaming," JimW. said.

Asked if that was an uncommon dream, JimW. said, "Sure, it's uncommon. I only have that dream three, four times a week."

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Kerry Update: Critics "Right-wing nutjobs" and Chickenhawks
— Ace

Hmmm... he presents us all with a dilemma.

If we don't join the military, we're fat ("doughy" like Rush Limbaugh) cowardly chickenhawk nutjobs.

If we do join it, we're just drooling morons.

Though John F'n' Kerry attempts to claim that only non-military pussyboys are attacking him (though, in fairness, this means we're not necessarily stupid and uneducated), he fails entirely to address his "good friend" John McCain's call for an apology.

No apology thus far. Hot Air will have the video of McCain's response.

See, being "tough" and "smart" means you say stupid and nasty things and then have the arrogance to not apologize for them.

Tough, smart. Layers.

In related news, the ghost of Genghis Khan issued a press release that stated "Vengeance is best served cold, and against an emaciated Thurston Howell wannabe."

John F'n' Kerry

He's earned his right to call his fellow soldiers murderers, rapists, and uneducated retards.

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Zell Miller To Lead Coalition of the Willing Democrats For Rick Santorum
— Ace

Give 'em hell Zell bravely goes where RNC funding fears to tread.

Former Sen. Zell Miller, a Georgia Democrat who supported President Bush in 2004, will head a new group of Democrats supporting Pennsylvania GOP Sen. Rick Santorum's reelection bid.

"I am not involved in any other race in the country," Miller said during a radio interview Monday, according to a news release from Santorum's campaign. "I am only doing this for Rick Santorum. I believe in Rick Santorum's leadership that much."

Opponent Bob Casey, Jr., refused comment, part of his "No Talk Express" campaign strategy of not saying anything about anything at all. Other Democratic candidates praised Casey's wise decision, noting that if only they had made the savvy decision to be related to a well-regarded polician, they could get away with saying even less than they're saying now.

Hillary's 2000 "Listening Tour" is cited as an the inspiration for Silent Casey's innovative politicking, avoiding going negative, avoiding going postitive, avoiding going audible whatsoever. Though, Democrats admit, Hillary's model was flawed in at least one respect: "What's the point of 'listening,' anyway?" one Democratic strategist said. "These are a bunch of racist homophbic cretins. What the hell do they know about how they'd like to be governed?"

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Guy Who Leaked Bush DUI Records In 2000 Arrested For Crininal Threatening While Dressed As Osama bin Ladin And Waving A Toy Rifle
— Ace

Ah, Democrats. Proud members of the Reality Based Community. Assuming your "reality" is the Ghost City of Carcossa and you think Hastur the Unspeakable is a "pretty good guy."

Thomas J. Connolly, of Scarborough, a prominent
defense attorney and 1998 Democratic candidate for governor was
charged with criminal threatening this morning following an incident
beside Interstate-295.

South Portland police were notified around 9 a.m. that a man wearing a
rubber Osama bin Laden mask was standing on top of a berm along the
highway carrying a sign that said "I Love Tabor," and waving what
appeared to be an assault rifle.

Four South Portland officers and two state troopers converged on the
man. They drew their guns when he did not respond to their demand that
he drop his weapon.

Police said instead he walked toward them dropping plastic hand
grenades. His costume included fake dynamite and bandoliers, police

He eventually did drop the rifle, which turned out to be a toy and was
arrested, at which time the man was identified as Connolly. He was
taken to the Cumberland County Jail.

Jeeze, A couple of towers get knocked down and suddenly people get so PC and hung-up on Musilm terrorists and assault rifles.

Bill Maher was quoted as being "ecstatic" that there's someone in America who's a bigger douchebag than he is.

Thanks to Slublog, whose Halloween costume is far less risible. He's going to be Jim Webb this year, and he's looking for a "very portable" Cambodian midget he can carry around by the ankles.

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Employment Opportunity: CBS Seeks Whites Who Are "Nervous" About Muslims, To Be Portrayed As Viciously Racist
— Ace

Well! This site should provide CBS with one-stop-shopping, shouldn't it?

From an ad soliciting conservative yahoos (called those with "traditional values," here) on Craigslist:

Do you get nervous when you see a Muslim on an airplane? Have your opinions about Muslims changed since September 11? Do you have family or friends that get nervous around Muslims?

A NEW CBS SHOW SEEKS New York families who have traditional family values but are uneasy around Muslims.

Ah, yes. Their effort to "heal" the nation, through exposing white racism.

The money shot of programs like this is at least one white racist crying at the end at how terrible he is -- redemption for the retard. While the others are shown unaffected by the interviewer's (and TV psychologists') brow-beating, to further wallow in their hatred of brown people.

I don't imagine the pathological Jew-hatred of many Musims will be grist for similar treatment. No, the Muslims on the show will all be true moderates, good-looking, educated, and charming, and wholly against terrorism -- thus demonstrating how silly it is to be "nervous" among Muslims in the boarding queue at an airport.

There certainly will not be any hidden-camera footage of radical Muslim clerics preaching hatred and not-quite-subtly justifying the slaughter of innocent civilians.

Just a parade of three-tooth slack-jawed corncob-smokin' banjo-strokin' cousin-pokin' inbred white racists who believe in two things: Jesus died in order to telepathically send them good lottery number picks, and all Muslims are terrorists, except for that very nice Mr. Casey Kasem (who's really a good Christian inside, once you get past the corrupt dusky Muslimflesh).

Thanks to both JohnS. and Larwyn.

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Chinese Assisted North Korean Nuke Program
— Ace


Which is disappointing, while not really out of character for the games-playing Chinese, but it does demonstrate the necessity of getting them on board with the program. North Korea will never stop its nuke program with China encouraging and even facilitating it.

hina helped North Korea develop nuclear weapons and in the past year increased its support to Pyongyang, rather than pressing the regime to halt nuclear arms and missile activities, according to a congressional report

The final draft report of the U.S.-China Economic Security Review Commission also says that Chinese government-run companies are continuing to threaten U.S. national security by exporting arms to American enemies in Asia and the Middle East.

The report is based on public testimony and highly classified intelligence reports made available to its members and staff. It indirectly criticizes the Bush administration for failing to pressure Beijing into joining U.S.-led anti-proliferation programs and calls for Congress to take action to force the administration to do more.

"China has contributed at least indirectly to North Korea's nuclear program," the report stated, noting that China was a "primary supplier" to Pakistan's nuclear-arms program.

Ah, yes. Bush hasn't "pressured" China to stop proliferating.

The media gave Clinton a pass on China -- even when Clinton-donating corporations assisted China in improving their rocket technology -- with a shrug. "What can one do about China?" they said.

But they'll run with this, of course. Bush apparently need only snap his fingers to bring the billion-strong emerging superpower into line.

North Korea has meanwhile agreed to further "talks."

China, the United States and North Korea agreed in talks Tuesday to resume the six-party talks on North Korea's nuclear programs "at a convenient time in the near future" after a break of almost a year, a Chinese Foreign Ministry statement said.

Christopher Hill, U.S. head delegate to the six-party talks, told reporters after meeting with his Chinese and North Korean counterparts that while the precise date needs to be agreed by all six parties, he believes it will be "in November, or possibly in December."

The announcement was made after a series of meetings in the Chinese capital among Hill, who is U.S. assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific affairs, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Wu Dawei and North Korean Vice Foreign Minister Kim Kye Gwan on the same day.

Hill said North Korea did not attach any conditions for returning to the talks, but added the United States agreed to set up a mechanism for addressing Pyongyang's main complaint -- financial sanctions imposed on entities suspected of laundering money and counterfeiting for North Korea.

"We agreed we will find a mechanism within the six-party process to address these financial measures, that there would probably be some kind of a working group to deal with this," he said.

Diplomats expressed their optimism that the resumed talks would prove both "futile" and "fruitless."

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