December 21, 2008

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— Ace

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June 25, 2018

Okay, So Let's Play Social Warfare
— Open Blogger

Civil War, coming to a country near you.

Let's get it over with.

As the media seems to be encouraging this: I say we start picking out members of the media to target, then make their lives hell for a year or so.

We'll see if they're still eager to play after that.

PS: Here's a piece in the media basically threatening Democratic days of "rage" if they don't get their way.

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The Morning Report 6/25/18
— Open Blogger


Good morning kids. Start of another week and the lead story continues to be the manufactured border crisis cum political stunt aimed at ramming home a last minute amnesty sellout before the midterms and, concomitantly, pissing off the Republican base to allow the Democrats to take control of Congress. The good news is it's not working. In fact, I think it's fair to say it's failing miserably and in fact backfiring on the Democrat-Left Media Complex. PDT to my knowledge is the only political figure I can think of who has openly and repeatedly spoken the plain, unvarnished truth: open borders and the flooding of our country with millions of poor, illiterate foreigners who do not share our language and most importantly our culture - and have no intention for the most part to do so (which is by design) - will essentially destroy our country. It's as simple as that. He gets it, the voters get it and, more and more, people who are only notionally interested in politics and national affairs are having their eyes opened. Both to this as well as the bald-faced lying of the media about all of it (see the Time magazine cover) and everything, really. As of this writing, the latest generic poll (see the link) has the Dem advantage down to just 4 points in the aftermath of this Kursk-like political assault on the President and his policies.

On the down side, the rhetoric is now completely off the charts and as the Democrat-Left Media Complex see that they're not only not having an impact but that the President and the base's rejection of it has stiffened, they are now getting physical, minimally "in our faces" as the ex-president had exhorted them not so long ago. Last week saw DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen verbally abused by a Leftist goon squad led by a Sandersnista supporting DoJ employee at a restaurant (one where the manager sat by and essentially cheered) only to be greeted by another goon squad protesting outsider her home, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders was denied service at a Red Hen restaurant and most recently Florida AG and staunch PDT-supporter Pam Bondi was forced to flee from a movie theater. Add to that the grandstanding camera-whoring of the Dem candidate for Senate in Maine who, after being arrested for loitering at a detention facility is now claiming he's, get this, a "political prisoner" of the Administration or of sub-literate mouth-breathing cretins like Barbara Lee who claim that PDT is "criminalizing illegal immigrants." There's about 100 megatons of stupid in that phrase but sadly, along with the shameless optics of the schmuck from Maine combined with the Goebbelsian imagery from Time Inc., the NY Times, WaPo, CNN et al, you can whip up a lot of fear as well as rage in the uninformed and marginally educated - i.e. the typical Democrat voter. Just reanimate James Hodgkinson and ask him.

Now, race-hustling scam artist Max-Scene Waters is snapping her dentures like a pair of raging castanets, letting loose with a rant that is effectively a green light to move beyond words to physical confrontation. She, and others in her party and its base, are advocating the confrontation of any and every official in the Trump administration anytime and anywhere, with the hoary old chestnut (not her, the saying) G-d is on our side.

"If you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. Tell them they're not welcome any more, anywhere!"

And what happens if one of your wonderful crusaders of peace love and understanding let fly with fists? Or if your intended target or someone on his/her security detail decides to push back on you and yours, Maxine? You're playing with fire. If that wasn't enough, the probable next president of Mexico, who is a rabid Leftist, is openly calling on his citizens to swarm the border en masse. Am I exaggerating or if that were to happen, or if he is elected and continues to openly state this, could that be construed as an act of aggression or war? Call me old fashioned but I would say yes it would be. You don't need panzer divisions or armies if undermining and destabilizing a bordering nation is your goal. Other links worthy of your time from the political vis a vis the floundering Ryno Amnesty bill to the bigger picture I have alluded to, vis a vis, this latest crisis as a weapon of insurrection.

Moving on, Mark Meadows says the DoJ gave up very little in the way of the documents he and his colleagues have requested, an interesting piece about how Mueller shot himself in the face with the phony indictments of Russian companies, the Awans evidently robbed a Dem Congresswoman's office and when an aide tried to blow the whistle she was admonished, and Daniel Greenfield on why Obama actually wanted the Russkies to hack our election. Meanwhile, as the Dems fortunes for November continue to sink Mark Warner led a booze-fueled bash on Martha's Vineyard where he offered to tell all about what Mueller allegedly had on PDT.

On the international scene, as Mad Dog Mattis heads to Asia and his first confab with the Chi-Coms, the President is still hitting that country hard on high-tech thievery, signs of warming relations and disappearing anti-US agitprop on the 68th anniversary of the Korean War and, surprise, Erdogan wins another term as the sultan of sweat in Turkey.

SCOTUS is set to end its first term of the Trump era with some big decisions, an adviser is making noises about two possible nominations to the Supremes, some phony alleged conservative think tank is hot and horny for carbon taxes and Victor Davis Hanson with his usual brilliant analysis of the times we are living in.

Lastly, on a point of personal privilege, I want to thank Wiser Bud and Mrs. Wiser Bud for their hospitality. We had a nice get together with them and some of the Cobs on Saturday. Fun!

And lastly lastly, if you're in Connecticut I feel sorry for you, but seriously be sure to catch moron Steve Noxon on the radios for his show "Talk of the Town" weekdays from 10AM-1PM on WATR-AM 1320 or online at

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.


  • President Trump Calls for Immediate Deportations: "No Judges or Court Cases"
  • PDT Doubles Down on Heightening Border Security
  • Is Violence Next? Some Dems Encourage Aggressive Public Confrontations Against PDT, Aides (considering Scalise and Paul, that ship sailed ages ago - jjs)
  • Left Rolls Out Alinsky Offensive
  • Amnesty Pimp Luis Gutierrez Leaving Chicago, Moving to Puerto Rico
  • Power-Mad Race Hustler Waters: G-d is On the Side of Thugs Harassing Trump Officials
  • Insurrection's Here: How Long Do We Have Until Civil War 2.0 Starts
  • Act of War? Probable Next Mexi-Prexy Calls for Mass Migration to the US
  • McCaul: "We Stop 10 Terrorists a Day from Getting Into This Country"
  • Jim Jordan: House Leadership to Blame for Failed Conservative Immigration Bill
  • Obama Cronies Get Rich Off of Migrant Kids: Raza-ists Rip Off America
  • Barbara Lee, (D)-Olt, Accuses Trump Administration of, Get This, Criminalizing Illegal Aliens
  • Cunning Stunt Dept.: Maine Dem Senate Candidate Arrested for Loitering; Calls Himself a "Political Prisoner"
  • Who's Really to Blame at the Border?
  • Kid-trina

  • Mark Meadows Says DoJ Turned Over Only "Small Percentage" of Subpoenaed Russia Docs
  • Goodlatte Says FBI/DoJ Face New Document Deadline (or else, what? - jjs)
  • Mueller's Concord Mismanagement is Convulsing

  • Awan Brothers Reportedly Stole $120,000 in Equipment from Dem Rep Yvette Clark's Office
  • The FBI Would Be Guilty of Clear Bias if its Trump Investigation Were a Racial Discrimination Lawsuit
  • Greenfield: Why Obama Wanted the Russians to Hack the Elections

  • Amazon Employees Threaten to De-Platform Peter Thiel-Founded Palantir from Cloud Service
  • How Jordan Peterson Missed a Layup on Religious Freedom
  • UN Report Faults PDT for Obama Poverty; Media Fall for It

  • Dems Party Hard on Martha's Vineyard; Mark Warner Jokes About Mueller Leaks
  • Dem Advantage Down to 4 Points After Peak of Ginned-Up Immigration "Crisis"
  • Wealthy Dem Donors Desperately Trying to Rescue Joe's Man-Chin
  • Rhode Island Senate Passes Bill Requiring Prexy Candidates to Reveal Tax Returns or Be Left Off Ballot
  • Claire McAssKill Praises Kamala Toe as "Leader" on Immigration, or Something
  • CO Dem Candidate for Governor Condemns School Vouchers, But Sent Her Kids to Private School

  • Erdogan Declared Winner in Turk Elections, Cementing 15-Year Grip on Power
  • Mattis Goes to Asia for First Visit with Chi-Coms
  • PDT Documents Chi-Com's Commercial Espionage Campaign Against the US
  • DeSantis Calls on PDT to Indict Raul Castro for 1996 Downing of "Brothers to the Rescue" Planes
  • 68 Years After Start of Korean War, Goodwill Gestures Move Forward
  • "All the Anti-American Posters" in North Korea... "They're Just Gone"
  • Angela Crashes

  • Anti-Israel Bias and Harassment at Presbyterian Church USA's General Assembly ("General Assembly": I think I see the problem - jjs)

  • WH Adviser Who Helps Fill Vacancies Says PDT Likely Has Two More SCOTUS Picks
  • Trump's Sweeping Reorg Makes Sense, Which is Why it Will Never Get Done
  • SCOTUS: Police State Surveillance Dealt a Setback, But Future Uncertain
  • Decisions on Travel Ban, Forced Union Dues Expected in SCOTUS' Final Week
  • It Was a Brutal Week in Washington for Fiscal Conservatives (when was it never? - jjs)

  • US Median Age Hits All-Time High of 38; Record 86,248 Now 100 Years of Age or Older
  • Half-Full or Half-Empty? Poll Shows 37% of Young Americans Back Abortion "Under Any Circumstances, 42% Back Restrictions

  • Oh, FFS! Think Tank Claims GOP Will Back Carbon Tax if Tied to Innovation (sounds like a Simpson-Mazzoli swindle - jjs)

  • Good Roger Simon: Why the Left is Having a Nervous Breakdown
  • Invasive Hogweed That Causes Blindness and Third-Degree Burns Found in Virginia (the jokes write themselves - jjs)
  • Victor Davis Hanson on the Fate of the West, Trump and the Resistance

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  • June 24, 2018

    Food Thread:
    — Open Blogger

    burger with egg.jpg

    Looks great, doesn't it? I love big thick sloppy burgers, as long as the bun doesn't dominate. The more the merrier! Fried egg? Hell Yes! Bacon and avocado and cheese and some gloppy sauce and lettuce (not too much) and even a thin slice of tomato. All of that, piled onto a nice juicy patty makes my heart sing.

    Over the top Hot Dog.jpg

    Nope Nope Nope. Too much stuff. The proper clothing for a hot dog is a bun (not too big), some mustard, a bit of chopped onion, and maybe, just maybe, if I am feeling particularly peckish, a thin scattering of sauerkraut. No disgusting pile of sauerkraut that soaks the bun and overwhelms the flavor of the dog. And don't even think about that neon-green relish that is made in a factory in China using slave labor and coal tailings.

    And if the hot dog is a really fine specimen, then just the bun and some good mustard. And I am not talking about fancy sausages, I am referring to that glorious creation of American Exceptionalism: the plain skinless frank. Good ones can be found, and they are worth the search. My local place I have raved about (The Swiss Pork Store) has spectacular hot dogs that I can cheerfully eat until I am sick.

    Oh...a good corn dog is allowed. more...

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    — Open Blogger

    pro gun sign.jpg

    Imagine the ruckus a sign that says, "We Welcome Free Speech," would cause. Or, "We Support Your Right To Be Free Of Government Spying." Yeah...nobody would bat an eye. But a simple sign supporting the 2nd Amendment? Wichita Restaurant Sparks Outrage With Pro-Gun Stance seems to have struck a nerve with the no-nothings and the neo-fascists of the left.

    But as the article points out, the really interesting stuff is the immediate extrapolation by the progressives from a simple pro-freedom stance to bigotry. Apparently if one believes that our natural and God-given right to self defense is important, then one is also reflexively bigoted. How and why? I have no idea. But I am sure that there is some hysterical fool spouting leftist platitudes and non-sequiturs who is more than willing to explain it to me, if I can tolerate his halitosis and body odor.

    But there's more! Our dear friend and Goebbels look-alike is writing a book! And because he was in public in NYC, he needed to be defended by not one, but two armed guards. It must be nice to be able to afford that protection. more...

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    — Open Blogger

    Screenshot 2018-06-24 at 7.png

    Definition photo:

    hrc.jpg more...

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    June 23, 2018

    Saturday Overnight Open Thread (6/23/1
    — Open Blogger



    The Saturday Night Joke

    A father buys a lie detector robot that slaps people when they lie.

    He decides to test it out at dinner one night. The father asks his son what he did that afternoon.

    The son says, "I did some schoolwork."

    The robot slaps the son.

    The son says, "Ok, Ok. I was at a friend's house watching movies."

    Dad asks, "What movie did you watch?"

    Son says, "Toy Story."

    The robot slaps the son again.

    Son says, "Ok, Ok, we were watching Stormy Daniels movies."

    Dad says," What? At your age I didn't even know what dirty movies were."

    The robot slaps the father!

    Mom laughs and says, "Well, he certainly is your son."

    The robot slaps the mother.

    Robot for sale.


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    June 24, 2018

    EMT 06/24/18
    — Open Blogger

    EMT: Fortified with Victamins.

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    June 23, 2018

    Saturday Evening Movie Thread 06-23-2018 [Hosted By: TheJamesMadison]
    — Open Blogger

    It was Terrible, Except…

    67. Bad Scenes Good Movies 01.jpg

    I've stopped watching a movie part of the way through once. It was Sicko, the Michael Moore documentary about healthcare. It infuriated me to no end, not because it was an apologia for Cuban healthcare, but because it's manipulative technique was so obvious and forced that I just couldn't take it anymore. He'd start making a point with numbers, and then cut away to some sob story about a family who couldn't afford insurance. I found the technique itself infuriating, so I just stopped it (I paid no money to watch it, by the way).

    However, with that said, I watch every new movie all the way through whether I love it or hate it. I don't need to explain the love it part, but why do I subject myself to a film if, through the opening minutes, I decide that it's garbage?

    There are really two reasons. The first is that I always hold out hope that the movie will redeem itself. That it will build to some great ending that makes all of the mistakes over the previous 90 minutes or so completely worthwhile (this oh so rarely happens). The second is that even bad movies can have good elements.

    You know what I'm talking about. That one scene or performance or design element that grabs you despite the awfulness of everything else around it. Yes, the movie as a whole is awful, except did you see that one part near the end?


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    EMT 06/23/18
    — Open Blogger

    Your EMT: 100% on time 60% of the time.

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    June 25, 2018

    The Morning Rant
    — Open Blogger

    talking ape.jpg
    "I don't know how many people have noticed this, but with the whole fake brouhaha over separating children from their parents at the border, Trump has succeeded in maneuvering the Democrats into having to defend totally open borders as their default position on immigration. Like with his comment about members of MS-13 being 'animals', which every sane person knew what he meant, but wait, here comes Nancy Pelosi who just had to defend the 'spark of divinity' in each one of those criminal thugs. And I believe that to this day, she has absolutely *no idea* how lunatic she appeared to normal Americans. Sometimes I think Trump has got a mole buried deep inside the DNC who periodically spits out bad advice or a tidbit of false information for them to bite on. And they always do."

    trump - time cover parody.jpg

    (h/t SandyCheeks) more...

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    June 22, 2018

    Decompression Thread
    — Open Blogger

    Below, some cute animal vids, starting with one sent along by steevy to brighten our moods: more...

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    #FakeNews: TIME's Open Borders Propaganda Cover Story Is Fake In Every Way An Article Can Be Fake
    — Open Blogger

    The actual facts:

    The girl wasn't "separated" by Trump's policy. She wasn't separated from her mother at all. She was just standing slightly (slightly!) away from her mother while her mother was being patted down, that being what you do with criminals you're arresting.

    She wasn't a first time border crosser: she'd already been caught illegally entering the US in 2013. A second offense makes her a felon.

    She had left three other children back with her husband.

    Her husband confirms she wasn't fleeing any sort of political persecution, but was just looking for a job.

    One can surmise she brought the tot along as her Get Out of Border Jail Free card.

    A border patrol agent actually present at this "separation" told CBS News the real story, as digested at the Daily Caller:

    "The photo might be a little misleading," CBS News admitted before playing an interview they did with the border agent whose legs appear in the picture.

    "We were patrolling the border, it was after 10-o'clock at night," agent Carlos Ruiz explained. "We asked her to set the kid down in front of her, not away from her... and so we can properly search the mother. So, the kid immediately started crying as she set her down," he continued. "I personally went up to the mother and asked her, 'are you doing OK, is the kid OK?' and she said, 'yes, she's tired and thirsty and it's 11 o'clock at night.'

    "They're using it to symbolize a policy and that was not the case on this picture," he continued. "It took less than two minutes, as soon as the search was finished she immediately picked the girl up and the girl immediately stopped crying."

    How does TIME respond? By invoking the Fake But Accurate defense, of course:

    TIME defended its cover and its reporting Friday, essentially claiming the facts are irrelevant because of the propaganda value of the piece. The photo and story "capture the stakes of this moment," the editor in chief told reporter Hadas Gold.

    That's not the only #FakeNews the media's cooking up for you, of course. The AP just vomited up some Journ0lizm about abuses of children in immigrant detention centers, which leftwing feckless cucks claimed was a new "Abu Ghraib," specifying that this abuse happened "after" Trump called MS-13 gangsters "animals."

    In fact these abuses happened well before them -- the AP story is almost all about abuses that happened in 2015-2016 under Obama.

    But you can almost excuse the Daily Beast's Justin Miller for getting the story so incredibly wrong -- because the AP wrote it up in a way that seemed calculated to produce exactly this misreading.

    The AP story is very vague about the dates of these alleged abuses, and keeps mentioning Trump in a story about things that happened before Trump was even a candidate for election.

    This sums it up well:

    Of course, this entire contrived propaganda tornado began with #FakeNews: John Sexton runs down the #FakeNews beginnings of this Democrat-Media disinformation campaign, beginning with #Activists and #JournalistActivists pushing out photos that actually date from Obama's term as well as actually staged, completely fictitious photos of kids in dog cages, which activists had staged during a protest.

    Meanwhile, there's some #RealNews the media can't cover, because it's too busy with the #FakeNews.


    There's also the small matter of 11 MS-13 gangasters -- or should I call them Citizen-Activists? -- being charged with the murder of two teenagers, just a few miles away from Capitol Hill.

    Eleven members of MS-13 have been charged with kidnapping two teenagers, ages 17 and 14, whose bodies were discovered buried in the woods in northern Virginia last year. Authorities claim each of the 11 gang members played some role in the murder of one or both boys.


    All but one of the eleven men charged are immigrants from El Salvador. NBC 4 Washington reports the names and charges for each of the eleven individuals. Note the gang names of some of these individuals, i.e. "Killer" and "Horror."

    Trump should call them "Killers" and "Horrors" -- then the media won't be able to debate whether they're animals or not. If they call themselves Killers and Horrors, who are we to argue with their own sense of self-actualization?

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    — Open Blogger

    Obviously underaged boys.

    Here's video of these "underage boys."

    Oddly enough, they're all about the same height as the adult man who's seen taking pictures of them, and one of them has a ferocious five o'clock shadow that would shame Homer Simpson.

    Did Jake Tapper verify the age of these tykes or is he just being a feckless partisan as usual?

    Are any of Jakey's Twitter Conservative Cucks going to question him about this, or are they all too afraid to, because he will YELL AT THEM IN DMs if they dare to question his Royal Jakeyness?

    Isn't that great? The brave stalwarts of the TruCon Brigades are all too afraid to publicly criticize Jake Tapper because he'll give them nasty DMs.

    They'll mock conservatives -- their actual readers! -- all day long, but they're too timid to say a cross word about Jake Tapper's "journalism."

    A lot of the very same people decrying a "Cult of Trump" and bemoaning Republicans shying away from criticizing Trump have never pubicly criticized Jake Tapper.

    Or maybe did, years ago, and got YELLED AT IN DMs, and have kept a civil twitter-tongue ever since. Or maybe they caught hell for a blogger on their site criticizing Jake Tapper and then laid down the fiat that there would be no Jake Tapper criticism permitted on that site any longer.

    If they're so brave, why can't they ever criticize Jake Tapper? Or do they simply agree with him 100% of the time?

    I cannot spare this man; he tweets.

    Flashback: Even Buzzfeed Ben noted Jake Tapper's legendary reputation for twitter nastygrams -- a reputation so legendary, in fact, that people don't even talk about his addiction to screaming at people in DMs:

    [O]ne of the great secrets to his professional success is his all-out defense of his reputation on all fronts at all times: Before the Tappergram about the dossier, I'd heard from him more commonly about stray tweets from BuzzFeed staffers about everything from the poop cruise (his own coverage, he wanted to point out, had been serious and policy-focused) to the usual arguments over ratings. No tweet about Tapper, not even a subtweet, falls without Tapper's notice.

    "I don't have time for your high school drama club," he said recently in his fourth rapid-fire tweet to a BuzzFeed News reporter who had botched, then quickly corrected, a Tapper quote.

    Perhaps the best evidence of how fiercely Tapper protects his reputation is that -- despite his irascibility being a kind of Washington legend -- I can't find any reference to it in a series of recent glowing profiles of the CNN anchor. These profiles tend to feature a relaxed-looking Tapper, surrounded by red, white, and blue memorabilia. Perhaps his feet are up on his desk. Tapper’s friends and acquaintances were rather surprised to learn, from the lede of a recent Times profile, that "Jake Tapper doesn't seem to get rattled easily."

    Some of Tapper’s colleagues and Twitter enemies find the heated private responses to criticism over the top, a sign that he takes himself too seriously.

    So, TruCon Tappercucks: Not a single point of disagreement with Jake Tapper you'd dare to share publicly?

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    Judicial Watch: John McCain's Former Staff Director Urged Lois Lerner to Engage in "Financially Ruinous" Targeted Audits of Conservative Organizations
    — Open Blogger

    Judicial Watch today released newly obtained internal IRS documents, including material revealing that Sen. John McCain’s former staff director and chief counsel on the Senate Homeland Security Permanent Subcommittee, Henry Kerner, urged top IRS officials, including then-director of exempt organizations Lois Lerner, to "audit so many that it becomes financially ruinous." Kerner was appointed by President Trump as Special Counsel for the United States Office of Special Counsel.

    The explosive exchange was contained in notes taken by IRS employees at an April 30, 2013, meeting between Kerner, Lerner, and other high-ranking IRS officials. Just ten days following the meeting, former IRS director of exempt organizations Lois Lerner admitted that the IRS had a policy of improperly and deliberately delaying applications for tax-exempt status from conservative non-profit groups.

    Lerner and other IRS officials met with select top staffers from the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee in a "marathon" meeting to discuss concerns raised by both Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI) and Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) that the IRS was not reining in political advocacy groups in response to the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision. Senator McCain had been the chief sponsor of the McCain-Feingold Act and called the Citizens United decision, which overturned portions of the Act, one of the "worst decisions I have ever seen."

    In the full notes of an April 30 meeting, McCain’s high-ranking staffer Kerner recommends harassing non-profit groups until they are unable to continue operating. Kerner tells Lerner, Steve Miller, then chief of staff to IRS commissioner, Nikole Flax, and other IRS officials, "Maybe the solution is to audit so many that it is financially ruinous." In response, Lerner responded that "it is her job to oversee it all:"

    Henry Kerner asked how to get to the abuse of organizations claiming section 501 (c)(4) but designed to be primarily political. Lois Lerner said the system works, but not in real time. Henry Kerner noted that these organizations don't disclose donors. Lois Lerner said that if they don't meet the requirements, we can come in and revoke, but it doesn’t happen timely. Nan Marks said if the concern is that organizations engaging in this activity don't disclose donors, then the system doesn't work. Henry Kerner said that maybe the solution is to audit so many that it is financially ruinous. Nikole noted that we have budget constraints. Elise Bean suggested using the list of organizations that made independent expenditures. Lois Lerner said that it is her job to oversee it all, not just political campaign activity.

    Judicial Watch previously reported on the 2013 meeting. Senator McCain then issued a statement decrying "false reports claiming that his office was somehow involved in IRS targeting of conservative groups." The IRS previously blacked out the notes of the meeting but Judicial Watch found the notes among subsequent documents released by the agency.

    A snake that's been in our house and steathily poisoning us for 40 years.

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    The Morning Report 6/22/18
    — Open Blogger


    Good morning kids. The weekend is here and with it brings a mixed bag of news, and from my perspective it seems mostly positive, all things considered. As I had alluded to the other day, aside from its long-standing goal of flooding the country with a massive, permanent voting bloc, the Democrat-Left-Media complex manufactured a border crisis of migrant babies being torn from the arms of their loving parents by Adolph Trump and tossed into a concentration camp. The reason was the evaporation of the vaunted midterm Blue Wave along with the Mueller witch hunt and now the revelations that Obama and Clinton with a willing FBI, CIA and NSA conspired to sabotage the Trump campaign and subsequently overthrow his administration.

    Well, after almost a week of non-stop lies, smears and utter fakery, the President singlehandedly exposed this sham for what it is by his executive order to reunite the children with their parents - without turning them loose. He made them admit that what he was doing was merely following a long-standing law, that the conditions he was blamed for were in fact the fault of Obama and most importantly that the Democrat-Left merely cares about these kids insofar as it gets them to their holy grail of open borders. The latest Rasmussen poll shows that a majority of Americans place the blame for this on the parents for placing their kids in mortal danger to be used as political pawns. Most importantly, the President's rhetoric on all these issues is plain, straightforward and brutally honest. It's also reassuring to hear for the first time a Republican president calling it like it is and calling out the Left for their intentions. Well played, sir. And with the embarrassing defeat of the first House bill to address DACA, Paul Ryno was forced tp postpone the more moderate bill (read: total sellout) for Monday and, as of this writing, the situation is in doubt if he'll be able to whip the necessary votes for passage, and even so, it would have to clear the Senate and then face PDT's veto pen. So, at least for now, the status quo such as it is is maintained.

    From my perspective, when you consider the corrupt nature of the bureaucracy, a large portion of our judiciary and the rogue nature of blue states and cities where upwards of 20-30 million illegal aliens live, in a very real sense already have open borders. Unless and until you cut off the money and benefits that attract and keep these people here, and severely punish any person or enterprise that knowingly employs them, this problem is not going to go away. Along with that, if we are going to even have a chance at saving the nation and preserving whatever vestige of America as founded still exists, we must have a moratorium on legal immigration for a period of minimum 20 years. I realize that that is almost assuredly a non-starter given the political climate and mindset of a large part of the nation and more importantly those in DC and those with deep pockets. But it has to be said and it has to be proposed. In any case, all in all, it was a good week for the President and the American people on this most crucial issue.

    That said, the rage and anger goes on and as the Media drum up more propaganda, the potential for violence ramps up. A former cop is being charged for making death threats to the President while some writer up in Canada is taking a cue from Petered-out Fonda and threatening Donald Trump Jr's 4-year-old daughter, and some raving college socialist burped out a sick, violent, inchoate diatribe against the GOP. Jackie Speier rushes to the defense of that Hrabar slag who verbally assaulted DHS Sec Nielsen at a DC restaurant while Cynthia "Tricky Dickless" Nixon has openly slimed ICE as a "terrorist organization." Considering an NYU prof doxed several thousand ICE agents' personal info yesterday, if one of them or a family member is attacked a la Friend-of-Durbin James Hodgkinson, then the Democrat-Left-Media will have blood on their hands. Meh, that's exactly what they want.

    Moving along, the big news in the Mueller Flea Circus and Spygate is the DoJ has revoked Peter Strzok's security clearance (gee, that was quick /s) and Peter Kadzik, the DoJ official who sought a job on the Hillary campaign for his son while being part of the investigation into her e-mail servers will not even get a slap on the wrist. Not a smidgen of corruption. Nope.

    On the 1st amendment front, anti-American front group SPLC is facing a potential huge lawsuit over its smearing of companies as "hate groups," and as goes Tommy Robinson, so goes whatever liberty and heritage of Magna Carta is left in the UK.

    The big news from SCOTUS is its decision to allow states to collect taxes from internet sales. A boon for brick and mortar stores or taxation without representation? Discuss. On the political front, the question of California splitting up is causing heated debate over exactly what that's going to look like. My big fear is three state which have Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento as their capitals. That would be suboptimal to say the least.

    On the international scene, the Russians and Chi-Coms are going ballistic over PDT's proposed Space Force. I see parallels with President Reagan's SDI, since despite their image, my gut tells me that the volume and intensity of their reaction indicates that they know they can't compete, technologically or financially, in this area. No doubt a Democrat will try and reassure them a la Ted Kennedy that once Trump's gone, they'll scrap the program. Meanwhile, GOP lawmakers want to isolate Iran form the international financial community and want Treasury Secretary Mnuchin to m'nuke Obama's secret side deals in the now defunct nuke deal.

    From hither and yon, ABC is booting up a spinoff of "Roseanne" minus Ms. Barr, a rather sobering essay from the Federalist about the end of America and lastly, today marks the 77th anniversary of Operation Barbarossa, Nazi Germany's invasion of the Soviet Union which they boasted as a war of annihilation. It was the bloodiest, most savage battle in history taking nearly 20 million Russian lives. It also marked the ramping up of the annihilation of the Jews. Over 1.5 million people - nearly one fourth of all the victims of the Holocaust - were shot, one by one, by the Einsatzgruppen in cities, towns and villages from the Baltic to the Black Sea. The mind boggles.

    Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

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    Friday Night's ONT is a Mystery
    — Open Blogger

    ONT comments go here, on this thread. You can find the content here. The game is afoot!

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    June 15, 2018

    Is This Friday's ONT?
    — Open Blogger


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    June 21, 2018

    What Can I Say? It's The ONT
    — Open Blogger

    Say, did anyone notice that the World Cup is going on? Does anyone care? Even though I played some soccer as a kid, and enjoyed it, I've never been interested as an adult. If the US is playing I won't turn it off, but that's about as enthusiastic as I can get.

    nigerian scam.jpg

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    June 23, 2018

    Chess Thread 06-23-2018
    — Open Blogger

    ju wenjun.jpg
    GM Ju Wenjun

    As always, the chess/dress pr0n thread is an open thread, so there is no such thing as an off-topic comment.

    Easier Problem - Black To Play (694)

    Hint: Black must prepare before taking advantage of the open 'h' file

    20180623 - Problem 1.jpg
    r2qkb1r/pp3pp1/2pp2p1/4n3/P1BQP1P1/2N5/1PP2PP1/R1B2RK1 b kq - 0 1


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