March 31, 2009

20th NY CD Special Election Results
— DrewM

With 100% in:


Down 59 fucking votes. This in a district with a 70,000 Republican registration edge. AWESOME!

Tedisco just came out and basically said he's going to win but it won't be official tonight. My guess is Murphy will give pretty much the same statement shortly. He just thanked Eric Cantor but never mentioned that Cantor is a well known Jew. Interesting.

Murphy just gave his speech and said he'll keep the lead he has.

And so that's about that for tonight. Nothing new until next week and no idea when the final result will be in.

5,907 absentee ballots out there and still some time for more to come in. Regular absentees have to have been postmarked by yesterday and received by Friday. Military ballots have until next Monday.

Ballots have been impounded. No counting until Monday the 6th.

Original post and updates below the fold.... UPDATE 7:Now it's under 100 for Murphy. There are reports of between 6 and 10 thousand absentee ballots out there. There simply will be no result tonight

UPDATE 6: Wait, now it's back to 200 for Murphy. I think there may have been a glitch in the TV results I'm watching. Not sure what happened there but that was a big swing.

UPDATE 5: Murphy just took a 1,458 vote lead.

UPDATE 4: Murphy just took a 600 or so vote lead with 91% reporting.

Apparently there are a couple of thousand absentee votes to be counted but....

UPDATE 3: Murphy just took a 200 or so vote lead with 91% reporting.

Polls closed just a minute ago at 9pm EDT.

Stand by for results in the Tedisco-Murphy throwdown.

UPDATE: With 27% reporting, it's 51-49 Tedisco.

UPDATE 2: With 83% 90% reporting, it's 50-49 Tedisco.
Tedisco did well in Saratoga which he had to but Columbia County (the 2nd biggest pot of votes, about 1/2 of Saratoga County) is going for Murphy 54-49 with half the precincts in.

Here's an online tally but it's running slow at this point.

The White House was lowering expectations earlier today.

(White House Spokesman Robert) Gibbs echoed pretty much the basic Democratic talking points analysis/spin of the race: “Republicans have a significant voter registration advantage -- 71,000 more voters are registered Republicans than are registered Democrats.

“Kirsten Gillibrand was the first Democrat to hold NY-20 in 28 years when she upset then-Representative John Sweeny in 2006. Sweeny faced significant ethical issues. Even though Obama won the district in 2008, it had previously been solidly Republican. President Bush won NY-20 in both 2000 and 2004. In fact, NY-20 was one of only six districts in New York State voting for President Bush in 2000, and one of only nine supporting him in 2004.”

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